Sunday, May 08, 2005

Learning to howl

Just got back from a fantastic weekend of fresh air, sunshine, running water, and maybe ten people within shooting distance all weekend. It was the pup's first trip, and she came through like a trooper. Meaning she dragged my ass all over Creation in her demand to smell everything within a five mile radius eight or nine times. My knees are toast, we covered a lot of broken ground over a couple of days.

I had to tether her in camp, which she hated intensely for about the first half hour, making me feel incredibly guilty. And the first night in the tent was an experience in raw brutality, the bitch plays a lot rougher than a dog and was so excited she didn't want to sleep. Don't even talk to me about the river; I'm guessing about 39 degrees, and she would have been happy to swim around in that shit all day long, whereas my feet lost all sensation after about two minutes and I had to drag her out. Good times.

Not a huge success from a relationship standpoint, the pup being as needy and high maintenance as she is. Her pack sense is strong, she needs to be included whenever there is affection being dispensed. That was a little annoying, but now that we're home her ass is back on her own bed.