Sunday, December 04, 2005

Okay, really a racism post this time.

Since I totally weenied out on Blog Against the Man (or Woman) Day I thought I'd try for something a little more meaningful. I've been so busy lately I've been pretty slack about my blog reading, where I usually make a strong effort to stay current; unlike, say, blog writing. Last week there was a shitstorm over the left half of blogeria concerning a women's sporting team at some university dressing up in blackface for some jacked up reason, taking some pictures, and apparently distributing them worldwide via the internet.

People were pissed off, and justifiably so. But to put into context, we're talking about a relatively small group of women in blackface at a one-time event. Every week during baseball season tens of thousands of liquored up rednecks put on their "war paint," mimic sacred chants, and do that stupid assed tomohawk chop at Atlanta Braves games. Every time there's a Redskins game I see this one dumbass wearing a dyed chicken feather replica of a Plains style headdress (a sacred item). And the fucker's black. Institutionalized racism on a national scale, which goes virtually unnoticed. Until it's convenient to use as a political tool. By political tools.