Monday, November 07, 2005

A good day to be indigenous

I took the pup up into the mountains this weekend, I thought we’d run the game trails and see if we couldn’t spot a herd or two of deer. When we get close to the foothills she recognizes the terrain and gets really excited, because she knows what we’re going to be doing. She starts whining, hopping on her front paws in her seat, and clawing at the dashboard.

I’ve been over these mountains my whole life, but when we get close I start to feel it too; my heart starts beating more rapidly, my breath quickens, and I get a fluttery feeling in my stomach. While I look at different areas the terrain and trails start to filter through my mind, I run them all in my head before finally settling on the route for the day. I’m tempted to whine, hop in my seat, and claw the dashboard.