Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comcast, welcome to the shitcan!

I’ve mentioned previously that Comcast sucks whatever happens to be available at the moment; ass, donkey balls, whatever. For necessary background go here and here. Last night I was attempting to switch to a new cable modem, and had to call the meatheads at Comcast to give them the mac address of the new modem, a process that ideally should take about five minutes. It turns out that despite my previous problems activating my internet account, Comcast somehow didn’t know I even had cable internet service, so tech support had to transfer me to customer service (where I had started in the first place), who tried to update the account before transferring me back to tech support. It sounds quick and easy when I describe it, but the entire process took nearly an hour, with me actually talking to a live person for about four minutes of that. The remainder of the time was spent listening to Comcast’s suck ass hold music.

At about the half hour mark the customer service monkey came back on the line to tell me that she was still updating but would “be done soon.” I asked her to go ahead and do her thing and call me back when she was done, her response was “I can’t do that” followed by throwing me back on hold immediately. Ten minutes later when she came back on I told her to go ahead and cancel my service. Of course that required transfer to yet another department, which was so desperate to keep my business they offered to discount the internet service from $49.95 to $29.95 for four months. Go fuck yourselves, Comcast!