Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Comcast = crap

So a mere week after phoning to have cable and internet hooked up at the new digs, a tech managed to come out and connect two wires (the house already being wired for cable). Imagine the torrent of profanity when I attempted to access the internet and was rudely shunted to a Comcast blocking page, which very politely asked me to download an assload of Comcast shitware and install it on my computer before they'll activate my account. Then failed to activate my account. After talking to two "customer service" reps (the first having put me on hold at various times for a total of thirty minutes, draining my cell phone battery to the point where I was forced off the call), I was told that the problem could not be resolved at the phone monkey level and would have to be escalated, presumably to people who actually know what the fuck is going on. Those apparently being in high demand, I should have internet at home by Thursday. Feel free to write a letter of complaint on my behalf.

At the moment I'm at the University, which very thoughtfully provided a wireless network which I can access with my shiny new laptop. Bitching about my Luddite neighbors, not one of which has a WAP which I can sneak through, will come at another time.