Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Meriwether and William's Excellent Adventure

Indian Country Today has an article up concerning protests taking place over the re-enactment of the Lewis and Clark expedition. It quotes Carter Camp telling the re-enactors ''You are re-enacting the coming of death to our people. You are re-enacting genocide.''

I enjoy reading things like this, not because I think that we should not recognize events or projects like the Corps of Discovery, but because in all things we should strive to hear and understand all sides of the story. When I read about things like the Abu Ghraib atrocities or what is going on at Guantamo I'm not surprised in the least, because everything we're seeing there has already happened at various times in U.S. history. The reason it remains a problem now is that as a nation we have failed to openly recognize and reconcile with this past, it just gets shoved under a blanket, only to crawl out again and again.

Good on Carter and everyone else involved.