Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hey Baby, why don't you come by my place for some Blood Quantum?*

I've been spending a little bit of time lately thinking about some issues I've dredged up in response to a post by The Hot Librarian which I reference earlier; her post was concerning the double standard involved in viewing male vs. female sexuality. There's a lot to that involving human evolutionary ecology and maximal reproductive strategies, which is pretty boring stuff, almost sufficient to put me to sleep merely by thinking about typing it.

There's a weird subculture of white people (or melanin challenged, I'm not sure how they like to be addressed these days, somebody help me out) out there who are sort of Indian groupies. They're probably more common than Indians. Most of them are New Age types who are looking for some sort of spiritual validation they feel they can find by living out their pop culture stereotypes. Sometimes those are referred to as Twinkies - all sugar and chemicals, but no real value. Heh.

Anyway, there's this whole population of mostly young people trying to "find" themselves through identifying with Indians they've seen on television or read about in novels written by non-Indians. The groupie aspect relates to young white women who make a practice of banging young Indian men, which is sometimes referred to as becoming "Indian by injection." It's pretty purely transactional, but if there are any hot librarians out there I wouldn't mind hearing some discussion on the issue of sexual barter.

*Blood Quantum is the means by which the US government assign racial quantity to Indians. One Indian parent makes you.5 or 1/2 by blood quantum. Any ladies wanting a temporary BQ, send pictures and a 50 word essay to Those seeking enlightenment, I'm still working on PayPal, no Genuine Indian Names(tm) or Power Animals will be issued until that time. Thank you for your patience.