Monday, January 24, 2005

Notes from the Upper Paleolithic

The Hot Librarian has a post up asking why there is a double standard concerning men's and women's sexuality; men who sleep around are studs, but women who do so are sluts, etc.

I have no meaningful insights to contribute, I just wanted to mention this model I dated a number of years ago. I took her to the Museum of Natural History to see a traveling exhibit titled "From the Land of the Dragons," featuring dinosaur remains which had been unearthed in China. Very nice exhibit, but right in the middle of the thing, after we'd been there an hour or so and completely out of the blue, she announces "I think dinosaurs are a hoax."

Back up the truck. I asked her to elaborate; are paleontologists manufacturing bones in their workshops and displaying them in museums, or is someone out there making these bones and burying them for foolish paleontologists to find? Apparently someone, maybe Howard Hughes when he was still kicking, is making dinosaur bones and burying them to amaze and delight paleontologists. Pretty much on the spot I realized exactly how into her body I was, so I had to break it off after a few more weeks. Oink oink.