Friday, January 21, 2005

Lil' Kim

I like to scan The Daou Report, as it contains some good stuff from the whole of the political spectrum. I found this steamy piece of crapulence from a blog by a gun nut named Kim du Toit: "And let's be honest: if the menfolk are away in the mountains, the women need to know how to protect the home and kiddies from the Evil Ones. They did it before, during the various wars and campaigns fought on our soil, and they should be able to do it again. It's a good thing to know, even when there's no national emergency -- because if Dad is at work, Mom needs to be able to waste a goblin if need be."

This is pretty interesting stuff. Evil Ones? Goblins? Those are new; I've heard Devil, Red Devil, Redskin, Injun, Prairie Nigger, and Bloody Handed Savage, but those are definitely new. Just goes to show that bigotry truly knows no bounds.

What I find particularly interesting is that this tool argues that guns are necessary for a Man (or in his absence the next best thing, a woman) to protect his family and property against intruders. Unless he's an Indian, in which case through some race-based alchemy the gun owner becomes an Evil One, and the intruders then have the right, nay, the obligation to shoot him as he is a Big Bad Scary Person.

Lil' Kim continues: "As for the men, let me add this: during World War II, Admiral Yamamoto shrank from ever invading the continental United States, because, he said of Americans, '[the Japanese Army would encounter] a rifleman behind every blade of grass.' Unfortunately, that's not the case today -- and I'm not even sure that it was the case in 1941, either."

If I'm reading this correctly, what deters hostile nations is not our highly trained and well equipped military, which knows no peer, it is instead a legion of fat, sweaty white men completely lacking anything resembling critical thinking skills, with a six pack and a Winchester Model 70 in their laps. Ye gods.

I like guns and own several, but the reason any sort of pro-gun movement immediately conjures negative images is that many who are avidly pro gun are also nutjobs who manage to throw in other radical agendas. I'm just saying.