Thursday, January 13, 2005

Where Every Day is the Fourth of July

I made the mistake last night of telling the little woman I had started a blog. Her first response: “Great, so when are the cops showing up to haul you away?”

Me: “Huh?”
Her: “How many times have you trashed the government already?”
Me: “I haven’t! Wait, I did mention the Supreme Court.”
Her: “Yeah, I thought so.”
Me: “Oh, and Sen. Domenici.”
Her: “Uh huh. And how many times have you posted?”
Me: “Three. What’s your point?”

Okay, it needs Victorian shadow puppets to flesh it out.

Heck, I’ve been doing this sort of thing a long time now, only back in the day it was Usenet and it was more of a conversation thing (if you’re having a conversation with some normal people plus a bunch of unruly kids who can’t construct complete sentences). And any newsgroup with “native” in the description was the target of endless loonies: white supremacists, animal rights activists, new age whackjobs, CERA, and the beta version of the FBI’s Carnivore program.

I miss them all, so I’m having a keyword fest:

Rainbow Tribe
Kennewick Man

For you spiritual wanderers drawn by my Google trolling, I’m working on installing PayPal, when that’s completed for a small donation I will be happy to assign Genuine Indian Names™ and power animals (rate schedule available upon request). Dago te!